fredag 27 mars 2009

Alcohol ink album

En av Corinnes kurser i Holland var ett minialbum med med Dobber, Alcohol Ink och Magic Mech.
Det var JÄTTE kul att kladda på färgen på detta album. Först trodde jag att detta är inget för mig.. men.. jo då! Det var en jätte rolig teknik att jobba med.
Så här blev mitt album:

In english: This is how my album from Corinnes class, turned out. It's made of Alcohol ink, dubbers and Magic mech. First I thought that this is not for me. But hey, it was sooo fun to work with this technic. Loved it!

3 kommentarer:

linda loe sa...

Wow you did a good job with up loading all your picuters and telling everything in Englisch he good girl :-) Now I can read and undersatnd it.
Love you min album with the alcohol ink. And your art journnaling is great with the butterfly.

Anniek sa...

Your album turned out GREAT!!! I'm not sure if I'm going to finish mine because I made a huge mistake by putting all the stamps up side down! :-( Or maybe I'll finish it but not put it on my blog. I'll see!!

Cattis sa...

WOW!! Vad läckert!!